SpaceWorks Features

Below are some features that SpaceWorks uses to improve the relationships between members in your community.

Stay Updated

Members can easily stay updated with the newsfeed

A central newsfeed will help your members stay updated with what’s happening in your community. Think of the newsfeed like the main space to hang for your co-working members online.
They can do many things over here — from sharing what they have been working on with the rest of the community, to seeing what other members are working on. They can learn of new events that are happening in your co-working space, confirm attendance, and also see all the other members who are already attending. They can read popular comments, views status updates from other members, reply to posts in community groups and do more from the newsfeed. Adding a newsfeed will increase member interaction in your co-working space.
Profile + Company pages

Give your members an identity in your community

Each of your co-working members gets their own identity — their own profile and company pages — which highlights their specific skills and services.
Member's Profile page
From their profile pages they can share updates with the rest of the community — from what they are currently working on to asking for help from others in the community. Members can also add their work details onto their company page, and these company pages are used to showcase their service offerings. All this is connected to the central database, so that your co-working members can easily find services from within the community itself.
Member's Company page


Helping your members get new projects and increase sales

Your co-working members are encouraged to add their skills (e.g. digital marketer, designer, strategy) to their profile pages, and also add services (e.g. architect, real estate developer, app developer) to their company pages. This in-turn is connected to a central search database, so that if any of your co-working members are looking for a specific skill or service, the right members pops up immediately and they can connect.
Search and find what you want
This is really important as most of your co-working members are always looking for new work, new projects and an advanced search feature can easily connect members who are searching for something specific to members who provide that particular service. Most of your community members come to a co-working space to get new work for themselves, so this advanced search feature is a great way to help them do this.
Chats & Messages

Making it easier for your members to talk to each other

When a member shares something with the community, there is a possibility that someone else in the community will find it helpful, and it can lead to new projects and new work.
This can also be used by the admin team to message each or all members regarding an upcoming event or any update.

Community Interaction

Connecting your members with others who have similar interests and hobbies.

Groups and community events are a great way to strengthen relationships among your co-working members, and to make them be a part of something much bigger.
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    Event page
Groups are a great way to increase community participation among members. Your community members have different interests and groups are one way for them to interact and find people with similar interests.
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    All Groups
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    Group page

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